If I replace my tile, do I have to replaster my pool?
No. The replacement of tile can be done without resurfacing the pool. However, the best time to install new tile is during a plaster renovation.
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If my pool does not have an existing stair, can I add one?
Yes. As with the coping, a built-in stair can be installed in conjunction with a liner replacement. There are exterior stairs and interior corner stairs made of fiberglass and acrylic. There are three colors available: white, grey and blue.
What are my options if I want to change my coping?
If you are thinking about replacing coping, this must be done in conjunction with the replacement of the liner. The liner is held in place by a liner track which is built into the coping. Therefore, for a successful coping replacement,  we recommend that it be done in conjunction with a liner replacement. However, in most cases it is not mandatory to replace your coping during a standard liner replacement. Changing to a bullnose brick coping or a modern aluminum concrete receptor coping are just two coping choices available.
Can a light be installed in my existing pool?
Yes. An underwater light installation at the time of liner replacement offers a major enhancement to the renovation of your pool.
What are my options if there is a tear or hole in my liner?
Depending on the size and location of the tear and the age of the liner, patching may be a viable repair solution. The newer the liner and the smaller the tear, the better the chances are that the patching will be successful.  Sometimes though, a new liner is needed.
Besides white plaster, what resurfacing options do I have for a plaster renovation?
Diamond Brite is an aggregate product that comes in many different color choices.
Can I change my coping to natural stone or brick?
Yes. Changing to a bullnose brick, natural stone or paver coping is possible with or without the replastering of your pool. There are many styles and colors available to choose from.
Are there decking options other than plain, gray concrete?
Yes. Decking choices have never been greater. Various concrete finishes and concrete paver systems are available in many styles and colors. We also offer sand-set pavers which can be installed over your existing concrete decking.
If my pool has algae or is cloudy when it is being summerized, what kind of cleaning can I expect?
If you have Swimstyle perform a Gold Executive or an Executive Opening, our technicians clean the pool area (pool interior and deck) for up to an hour, as needed.  If your pool is green or cloudy our technicans may not be able to remove all of the debris. Additionally, the technicians may not be able to remove all of the plugs due to the lack of water clarity. If you find more debris after the water has cleared and would like us to return, an additional service charge will be applied.
If my pool opens green or cloudy what can I do?
Due to the mild winters we've been experiencing, there is a greater risk of opening up with algae or a cloudy pool.  If your pool opens green or cloudy Swimstyle recommends running your system 24 hours a day until the water is clear.  Please keep in mind that your filter pressure will rise as it removes the impurities from your water.  If you have a DE or sand filter you will need to backwash more often than you normally do.  If you have a cartridge filter, more frequent rinsing will be necessary.  Additional shock and algaecide treatments are strongly recommended as well.  After your water is clear, a complete summer water analysis can be done.